Uglies, Scott Westerfeld

dontcallmecrazyisbn: 9780857079138 is something desperately trying to appeal to the people who saw all those young adult dystopia’s films.

For me this was on a book list and is not yet a film and this book has nothing that will offend a southern american bible basher so teen friendly. However its a sequel series of books.

The theory goes that at age 16 all problems are fixed via a ‘surgery’ Naturally not all get it or want it and go alternative. Tilly and her friend do so and they meet people like now rather than london fashion week for stick insects*.

onlygayinthevillageSuffice to say our hero brings disaster upon the village people and once equipped with some secret data then gets ready for book 2.

1/5 bananas – teen female action hero genre.

I can’t read book two since the only copy in library system is missing and its not that interesting, although i am sure Tilly will live happily ever after.

*stick insect fashion is amazing



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