Knee deep in more modern jquery and css

Samba is pretty, not useful

Samba is pretty, not useful

I like jquery despite its you got to know it to use it tricks and when i finally started to write some mobile friendly css i found that normal jquery is far to gone to help.

That means mobile jquery which i have spotted on the bbc and have some war stories with. Tabs are thoroughly useless, accordions work ui wise so i suppose some of gui but have not translated well into mobile phone hell.

I have a template that mostly does what i want it to do as a single template for desktop and mobile , but that might change in testing. where less ui jquery is deemed better.  I expect to have at least two versions which seems an not ideal situation for a html site.

css people have this magic word where one template fits every known subset of browser and manufacturer. In practice its a huge disaster of possibly unmaintainable themes and even some examples out there do four versions of a website for devices

It strikes me that the world of css is conning itself into thinking it has no problems – very consumer driven and throw awaywhen i see something different. Data (base64) in css files further complicates life and files get minified to make them efficient or non maintainable.

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