Life and Death Row series 2

lopezDaniel Lopez was featured in the latest season of bbc ‘three’ Life and Death Row (my blog) now online rather than broadcast so i am not not sure that the use of category ‘television’ is correct – maybe online mpeg or something should be a category? opposed to television since bbc television (my blog) is a bit chav oriented.

 Back to the topic and it is a look at the perverse logic of criminal law when while admiring the crime found guilty of with evidence but getting the state to kill Lopez made many legal professionals call that person mad for not keeping them busy for decades of work before the process runs out of processes, accelerating the sentence as per Lopez wishes is perhaps unusual to the kafka type legal professional logic is a bit see through.

I am not going the dispute the facts but the case is an interesting sideways look at legality and is strange that admitting things makes so much problems for trigger happy politicians in America in making and carrying out voters/juries policies.

If i was in Lopez’s situation i find his logic to be sound.

The second episode Shawn Ford Jr  had his moment in the spotlight which concentrated on the Jury opposed the the lawyers. It was much more vicious than the first which could be seen another way with deadly consequences if you ignored a lot of facts.

retardGood presentation made me wonder why this was not sold as ‘true crime’ on the bbc tv chav channels.  Fortunately that did not happen for reasons best kept within the bbc phew.

In the third Austin Myers and Timothy Mosley actions where examined although the spin that what they did was ‘something lesser gone wrong’ did not wash.

Compelling viewing.

by golly but...

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