‘compact’ disk packaging

Bananas asked for a cd (my blog) one holiday* and being that the tribe is thoroughly useless i had to order it as well and pay for it, It was a little like a request that turned into process. So much for gift giving.

As requested I order it but from Canada and as promised the thing ends up in monkey houses large pile of paper fan mail one day but since i buy more blank media that recorded it was a poor quality paper sleeve rather than the traditional plastic box box that compact disks came with once.

Why the ancient format ? well i can rip the contents once and don’t have worry about drm and unsupported platforms being a linux enclosure here in the zoo meaning i cant use i-tunes and other things that may or may not support linux so i went with this..

television star

a television star so talented that never was a hit

The price was better than local too and as its not as seen on tv i doubt many retailers would even have it but that can also be said of that made for tv local star.

Anyhow the plastic case has been replaced by a paper and card box which indicates something that economists dont get (my blog) but since it is now files unless disaster happens the cd will remain in its case.  That’s progress economists.

*no more soap

by golly but...

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