MIsunderstandings and comment spam

millsandboonBananas does try to read other wordpress blogs (my blog) but many of those who follow me for reasons best known to themselves for selling dubious seo techniques seem to think i am negative in a spam comment.

Observation wise that’s a judgement call but if everything was fine then this blog would be very boring i guess a funny / ‘happy’ post of mine might be such

I got out of the monkey house today, and i hugged our professor have you hugged a professor recently?.

Which i might do often but i dont bother to tell you all or to do it yourself over hugged professors can be a problem.  But to write such inane shite here seems banal and i guess you would not continue reading such tripe.

Anyhow go hug a chicken and your feel great trust me, but then i may be totally misunderstanding the the thing completely then in that case shooting seo spammers dead en mass seems a total reasonable course of action and that would make me very happy.

by golly but...

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