The newspapers woes

Randal lRothenburg bat shit insane

Randal Rothenburg bat shit insane

The ‘independent’ a newspaper that urged its voters to vote blue last year in the election* (my blog) is ceasing its print run which apparently now is a minor number.  Its fascinating that our chum Randal Rothenburg (my blog) does not get any blame.

I also think they had problems with fake columnists.

However outsourcing advertising from in house to a bunch of crooks and thieves care of Randal at the iab is a common thing at many newspapers in the name of efficiency have done  from there unwise mba frauds.

Newspapers are odd creatures, which have lost something modernising but much of the blame lies with the ethos of efficiency (my blog) but with the reduction of journalists which means one report is rehashed many times but turns many journalists into copy typists who know sod all about the subject.  Best seen in ‘science reporting’ (my blog), although i can give other examples say Robert Soloway and that’s going back a bit

Another newspaper is paying for one of its journalists to be a spin doctor for a political party while keeping mum about the stuff so its not all bad news apparently after all that’s ok despite bad numbers from not selling newspapers.

*think about it – there is no unbiased reporting

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