Did university fees kill the Professional Librarian (MA Librarianship and stuff)

emptylibraryWhen i write this the msm has finally awoken to the fact that libraries are disappearing.  I use a library (my blog) rather than the majority of you lot who i never see in one.

An MA Librarianship is an extra degree so say you start with £27,000 debt for that first degree in chicken sexing they end up with another £18,000 of debt on top of that doing what ever librarians learn like the hard stare and the shush sound – i joke.

While that’s a lot debt for the person the reduced public sector opportunity ie can we close it down logic means less libraries and less work for that sort of person and makes this post (my blog) valid, no stock – one unbusy librarian.  Its interesting that the british education system may have killed the professional library market and its public sector clients use for such qualified people.

There are private libraries opposed to council run services for balance but fewer posts.  However the stewardship of politicians in running services is perhaps worth debating and that with little competition it has allowed these scum (from both red and blue parties) to reduce libraries rather than innovate.

millsandboonI am not sure that this is all bad and this is part of the amazon revolution/wave where the stodgy world publishing has been revolutionised (my blog) much to there dislike.

As a user of libraries that change has been badly mauled by the library professionals, and politicians and that it would be easier for me to buy a book online that use the services of a library today unless i want to read mills and boon (my blog) which i do not.

I think libraries remain a great idea but the mismanagement and revolution mean that its all got a bit lost somewhere. The best bit is you cannot blame me for this state of affairs.

by golly but...

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