Emotive ‘media’ language that misses the point.

headacheBananas was briefly watching some documentary with selective facts.  Imagine that you gave somebody a banana a day for eleven months, and you got nothing in return – no grooming, collectively throwing poo at zoo guests.

You try and contact these banana eaters for months and months only when you take action via a third party  Then come the emotive ‘why’ questions.

_59941043_schoolscompositeIt is disingenuous to say that this came out of the blue and that this was decided immediately on day two.  It is also fascinating that only they are the only bad people not the poor building standards (my blog) that both labour and conservative parties did nothing about which only they as public bodies tolerated.  Try and get those same standards for buildings owned by capitalists and you would have planning approval denied.

lordreidIts a funny world that means party politics is above blame, but not those who have a legal responsibility to sell items to such bad properties but to get payment is deemed ‘evil’.

I am confused as to who the villains really are.  But then spotting the real bad guys is not a talent i have. Sorry care to throw some poo with me?

fifteen rounds with horrid tomtom software

retardTom Tom (my blog) make gps things with crap update software for microsoft and apple.

So could i virtual host it in linux keeping the crap updates working.  One day i dug out a very modern copy of windows xp, fired up a vm and had a go so you don’t have to.

The virtual machine was a hefty 80gb [because asus made an 80gb image not my fault] and it eventually ran and by golly this Microsoft os looks horrid now


Firefox was the first thing to be downloaded then Tom Tom home, as the vm had usb support the vm refused to pick up the device that registered in linux as being a filesystem.

I tried usb filters from the gps but alas i had no luck although the really horrid tom tom software ran. It did not work. Another success for tom tom and there great developers.

I would not buy a tom tom gps box.

Failure to launch of the modern home (making ewaste bricks)

Not working new brick

Nest – Not working new brick

Housing remains an area where domestic electronics is still basic, sure there’s an electric metre, fuse box and a mile or so of cable requiring manual input and that’s 1930’s technology.

Your boiler (my blog) might have a timer and a thermostat so that at least is some kind of computer if single purpose and an idiot.   However if you read that link of mine there are fails even plumbers and electricians fail to do with this stuff.

Then somebody had the idea of connecting stuff like lights and heating to the internet who google naturally bought [nest] and then the progress story fails.  Nest had a failing out with apple as a hint of problems and secondly some lightbulb manufacturers decided to drop some transmission standard protocols and make them vendor only so go and fuck off if you wanted to turn off and on both philips and somebody else’s bulbs with technology.

nick telsa

nick telsa

Then nest recently decided to brick older nest controllers because they can.  I dont particularly see a lot of point to modernisation if the controller makers and things that respond to it (or the internet of things [iot]) are going down the drm path and when Phillips and Google tell you to fuck off and either do it there way or not at all perhaps that 1930’s wiring still installed today was really wise after all.

Yes better give those thick Liverpudlian's there money back

1930’s fashion

The monkey house remains progress free from drm and suggest that you too remain in the past until google and philips stop pissing about with progress and lets face it retro is quite a nice look.

Control is nice, but better insulation is a safer bet

To finish there is a joke which goes how many people does it take to change a lightbulb if google and philips and all the other makers of this stuff had there way your probably looking at a very large number of people on a regular basis.

Shodan.io on the loose again

robbieRegulars know we hate shodan (not the martial art) and I was alerted that there is new host in the wild by a job which does the work for me.


So it appears that there’s a new naming scheme for these crooks with rim.census and an new ip to block – so something to null (my blog).


You dont want to be like these people.

The thing itself,Adam Roberts

dontcallmecrazyisbn: 9790575127722 is an author i have read before (my blog). This deals with reality and Kant and seems well thought out compared with the average shit author on psychological thinking (my blog) who finds nothing new or thinks modern life is bad because it is television or video games and 1920’s austria did not have those so they are bad..

There is a hint of old style s/f to this and it generally works although the ye olde englishe section or yess sire kind of lost me.

4/5 bananas.  Worth it.

an aha moment

headacheBananas is a proud owner of an electronics breadboard (youtube not here) and components. The only problem was it never worked so either the processor per say was bad, or the breadboard.  one weekend i was browsing a youtube channel of bigclivedotcom and he had the same problem with a weird board although he had all the diagnostics and the videos there are interesting.

The stuff is not a raspberry pi or aurdino but earlier with an intel chip and more wires than integrated circuit with extension ports and i have not experimented since my failure with amateur electronics as it was a waste of time despite several attempts plus its quite hard if your not in the know (my blog).

So it was good to know that even professionals have problems with this stuff but had the diagnostics for it unlike me.I learnt something too.

The channel is an interesting view and i get something from.

Chasing the censored zeitgeist at the bbc


mary whitehouse

Bananas notes that another talented musician has recently died and if your a media studies person* then it is the only story so there is no other news.  However the bbc forget that they censored (my blog) this artist in its illustrious past and also employed Salvile (my blog) who has a poor reputation with anything from 1960 culture onwards or even commercial radio which is something the bbc resisted..


rapist with murderer

It’s interesting that even the bbc considered this music bad for ‘editorial’ reasons of lyrics in the 1980’s but raping kids on the bbc payroll was perfectly okay.

Whether you liked or disliked the music bbc radio did not like they certainly was on the wrong end of knowing innovative music or talent.

No doubt some selective airbrushing at the bbc will try and forget that they banned the music all in the name of morals after it they are now a music genius and they would not do that would they..

If you will not mention it i will not either.

*no i am not

The not wonderful world of uk bookshops

emptylibraryKeen readers of this blog will know i prefer to use a library (my blog) than shops be they large monsters or independents my blog) who dont love what they do (my blog) and take a lot of warming up from the dead or ‘shit this monkey reads lots of books’  reckoning.

Not that bookshops are the be all and end all – try finding this (my blog) there is legal censorship used by people and tom cruise to suppress items.

queen of the charity shops mary portas

queen of the charity shops mary portas

Anyhow with libraries having budgets cut it gave me an opportunity to see if the voucher could be used since while a library might claim to have it it soon disappears from the search system and a headache fore me since money is involved.

Since i have a non brazilian voucher (my blog) i find a new paperback is £11, older stock be £8 and since i will not engage in drm mean i wont buy an ereader per shop there £6 a ‘copy’ which have an indeterminate life of either the device or when the shop closes down. Of which …

May i remind you of the Kobo reader owners (microsoft) dont like non drm books and if the shop goes bang goes your copy too which is happening in the uk soon. So that £6 book you thought you owned you actually don’t  Thank Microsoft for that.

Cost wise it is 90% more than with library fees – however they have it rather than sod all.  There are three books i would like but the one the library had but lost [south korean] is £11, the chiang (my blog) book is £8 and my liking of the final of this soft porn (my blog) is also around that figure.

I am not sure i want to own any of them hence my inaction to pony up.  I wish more humans would use a library.hipster

A poll

Anyhow. what should i read? A blog post will follow.