The seaside home

seasideThe seaside home is an iffy prospect with islam invading europe or islam trying to kill you on the beach.  Closer to home ocean rising means that beach front property could be valueless and that looks likely with sea defences a low priority unless you live in Japan.

I am told that a once one million pound plus property was for sale for three hundred thousand, albeit minus much of its ‘garden’ which is now a salt water swimming pool.

It’s not just here – Florida is dissolving due to its geology, and on the west coast suffers from the san andreas fault, which have been topics of films* where las vegas is the next beach.

Ironically with Saudi Arabia entering the beach front market it seems that the bikini clad male will be the only eye candy your see. Its a crazy world mind you if they insist on females going out in sheets perhaps that’s for the best.

I would not want to be selling seaside property anywhere with those enlarging salt water swimming pools.

*a superhero and a spy come to mind.  – to win a prize of a used banana skin comment with one below. – collect from the zoo

by golly but...

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