all the birds in the sky,Charlie Jane Anders

are you shrek ?

are you shrek ?

isbn: 97807850550 is a writer famous for something else and not somebody i respect because of that it might explain the publicity noise about this item. But i will give this a go.

Dumbed down with fifty page ‘books’ for the sequel publishers out there (who cannot handle three hundred pages in a book) Anders hedges her bets for this market but as published as a one volume book seems to make these a bit pointless.  It has some humour and the girl is written better than the boy.

Like in disney films puberty is ignored and a bad future allows our protagonists to flower.  It has a nice rant about schools in before the usual tropes get dealt with.

2/5 bananas one for making me laugh,and the other countering mumsnet (my blog).

by golly but...

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