the new threat from islamic militancy, Jason Burke

I created is and igot a medal

I created is and i got a medal

isbn: 9781847923479 is an author of security theatre stuff and documents the rise of is which is the wrong sort of freedom according to the Bushes and Paul  Bremer (my blog) who transformed Iraq into is land or a state in need of correcting so vote Jeb (my blog) as #jebcanfixit with awarding another medal* for Mr Bremer.

Mr Bremer is of course ignored in the book for being a paragon of all that is wrong after all terror sells books like this despite it being his errors. Fingers are pointed at the usual bogeyman and the Egyptians if you go back to the beginning.

The book rehashes his old security books and the stuff post 2014 is scant although it correctly identifies Saudi Arabia as a top location for recruitment and funding of is

Men get more attention than women and if you keep  up with the news as badly as i do then nothing here strikes me as earth shattering new.

1/5 bananas

*a recent twitter thing when i scheduled this


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