A Journal entry of the Plague of modern html design

I am beginning to hate modern html as i sat down to do a website redesign not on wordpress.

crapFirst issue was a css one which would be nice for most things i eventually found something useable but its bonkers out there in seo scammer land and many sites are the one site ideal comes in four variants, Free is often paid or fees paid so googles results are a bit shit.

So i find a template and start experimenting – i also use jquery (my blog) and find that the css and jqueryui dont get along, so jqueryui gets dumped. Jquery mobile is explored again but that also does not like my chosen css.

tinfoilhatAfter some fiddling the site works using some home brewed non html stuff which is good until you get to the section with librejs (my blog) which hates anything not gpl, so if you use jquery with a mit license things go tin foil hat mode.

Its horrible.

Anyhow if i can do it for zero i suppose you lot can too,  tin foil hat is something you can decide on.

by golly but...

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