Mad people and hardware

dontcallmecrazyThe zoo wanted a new monitor for the server since the old one on the unit is a classic beige crt (my blog) which is sixteen years old and has zero monetary value and the zoo was oddly feeling generous to be a bit more modern.

So I went monitor shopping and got a 21 inch flat screen monitor for an amazing price of seventy pounds less than what the crt cost it was a hundred – lets face monitors are getting bigger rather than smaller. it was an ex-display unit from an online supplier that is not that well known.

The thing turns up quickly after i opted for the sometime next week delivery option and so i get the job of installing it sooner than i thought i would, its not a gripe.

I thought i had hdmi on the thing i was trying to connect it to but alas no i am well equipped with hdmi, dvi and vga, it was missing a line in cable for speakers apparently it comes with new but i just happened to have one.

I attach things turn on the server and wonder why this unit was returned since it looks perfect, it boots and a picture appears when finished i start x which is a display server and play about in gui mode.

uncle albert

uncle albert

Sound did not work on first go but its speakers worked when i tried again. Its menu controls are good and after an hour cant see anything wrong with it.

Apart from a missing manual of which i dont honestly need and can download I think i have a bargain regardless which is probably more efficient than the old unit and speakers so the march of efficiency (my blog) continues although with the monitor being off the majority of the time lets hope it lasts as long as the crt .

Humans are odd and the zoo too thinks its rather good in fact.

The next day the supplier had an offer on a monitor with less features and i feel that i still made the right choice.

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