postman pat is faster than yahoo

postman pat is faster than yahoo

Is not a weather pattern for wales but a webmail system, there is a paid and a community version which seems unable to do sasl type passwords ala DIGEST-MD5 and so [January 2016] is plain text login.

cyrus/imap[*]: login: * [*] user plaintext User logged in SESSIONID=<*>

Rainloop is very easy to install compared to others and once you have a site profile it looks quite good and styles seem to support mobile devices.   Documentation is about two pages so your on your own.

I had a few issues on the profile as i dont usually setup email clients every day and once you click on setting up i got plaintext logins to my imap account, i have yet to send mail from it but it seems something to explore so its a keeper although usage will determine if i keep it or remove it from the webserver.

That’s another post.

by golly but...

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