Disaster capitalism, Antony Loewenstein

117502-darcy-kenrickisbn:9781784781156 sounded interesting but requires a bit of reading from this (my blog) and that (my blog) and also them (my blog)  Once clued in and with its left bias a welcome to the world of ‘diet’ nation states is explored.

Not everything is brilliant is public sector land but that omission is one to ponder.  Our friends dynacorp (my blog) get an mention too for reasons for perhaps acting like the public sector although lite on details of prior scandals.

Then it is off to the world bank (my blog) and Greece (my blog) for reasons of economics which is out of date.

Haiti comes next and is a welcome new stop for presenting newish information rather than things most of us know something of.

lord reid

ex labour politician advised outsourcing and benefits by being on the board of that company

After this the globe trotting stops and we move to the the us and focus on prisons. Prior books (my blog) are name dropped and then we go visit g4s (my blog) whom are a bit useless mind you serco its competitor also likes screw ups and cronyism with lord Ried (my blog) absent from mentions perhaps left wing outsourcing is ok, but right wing outsourcing is not. – go figure.

It is a bit ranty, light on details and directionally focused however this is world that labour and conservative politicians live in or get employed by them afterward something that the author would rather not care to admit.

1/5 state approved bananas.

by golly but...

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