Surnames from catch 22 (or a return to Rotherham)

loser of book stats

loser of book stats

I was reading a paper newspaper (my blog) early in the year when for a exceptional week* they had a book i deemed worthy of a read rather than one pimped by the advertising department of the said newspaper.

After reading this (my blog) I read that the then unknown to me whistle blower was aptly named Jayne Senior who sounds like she married major major from catch 22 which is both a book and a film merits no further comment.

Oddly our library system had it too so i read it which kind of surprised me since most of our books come from outside of Camdem these days – ‘local’ books from a local library that is a rare event .

lordreidSenior writes isbn:9781509801626 with the title Broken and betrayed. who as a government run charity social worker under Tony Blairs leadership fell afoul of the social justice warriors, and Rotherham’s civil servants and political labour party elite who generally see red at all but ignore this kind of stuff (my blog) for reasons best known to themselves.

It is a harrowing start but Debbie sets the tone where Rotherham came to be the place rather than other towns and cities nearby.  The author comes across as genuine and  disarming when ‘problems’ are dismissed by local authorities as racist back in 2001 so fifteen years ago.

This book has lighter moments and has a Baker Street Irregulars type feel to it, the humour is black with Anita Mckenzie’s box five ticking showing comedy antics that it was totally ok for the yorkshire police to totally ignore half a million pound drug deals with dates and specific time that these bsi’s told her and passed on.  Maybe that’s not worth bothering with in police economics? this war on drugs (my blog) is a funny business.

Years fly by incoherently and with most civil servants ignoring this she plugs away at these pillars of community with not much in the way of success mind you its a hot potato so by 2007 it sort started filtering out with mp”s getting called racist.

In the end of course things turned out right and lights shone in all things Rochdale did not like and its nice to see that one person knew bad.

4/5 bananas

*world holocaust day, and other events take a toll on publishers in the january-april months. **

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