The not wonderful world of uk bookshops

emptylibraryKeen readers of this blog will know i prefer to use a library (my blog) than shops be they large monsters or independents my blog) who dont love what they do (my blog) and take a lot of warming up from the dead or ‘shit this monkey reads lots of books’  reckoning.

Not that bookshops are the be all and end all – try finding this (my blog) there is legal censorship used by people and tom cruise to suppress items.

queen of the charity shops mary portas

queen of the charity shops mary portas

Anyhow with libraries having budgets cut it gave me an opportunity to see if the voucher could be used since while a library might claim to have it it soon disappears from the search system and a headache fore me since money is involved.

Since i have a non brazilian voucher (my blog) i find a new paperback is £11, older stock be £8 and since i will not engage in drm mean i wont buy an ereader per shop there £6 a ‘copy’ which have an indeterminate life of either the device or when the shop closes down. Of which …

May i remind you of the Kobo reader owners (microsoft) dont like non drm books and if the shop goes bang goes your copy too which is happening in the uk soon. So that £6 book you thought you owned you actually don’t  Thank Microsoft for that.

Cost wise it is 90% more than with library fees – however they have it rather than sod all.  There are three books i would like but the one the library had but lost [south korean] is £11, the chiang (my blog) book is £8 and my liking of the final of this soft porn (my blog) is also around that figure.

I am not sure i want to own any of them hence my inaction to pony up.  I wish more humans would use a library.hipster

A poll

Anyhow. what should i read? A blog post will follow.


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