an aha moment

headacheBananas is a proud owner of an electronics breadboard (youtube not here) and components. The only problem was it never worked so either the processor per say was bad, or the breadboard.  one weekend i was browsing a youtube channel of bigclivedotcom and he had the same problem with a weird board although he had all the diagnostics and the videos there are interesting.

The stuff is not a raspberry pi or aurdino but earlier with an intel chip and more wires than integrated circuit with extension ports and i have not experimented since my failure with amateur electronics as it was a waste of time despite several attempts plus its quite hard if your not in the know (my blog).

So it was good to know that even professionals have problems with this stuff but had the diagnostics for it unlike me.I learnt something too.

The channel is an interesting view and i get something from.

by golly but...

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