Failure to launch of the modern home (making ewaste bricks)

Not working new brick

Nest – Not working new brick

Housing remains an area where domestic electronics is still basic, sure there’s an electric metre, fuse box and a mile or so of cable requiring manual input and that’s 1930’s technology.

Your boiler (my blog) might have a timer and a thermostat so that at least is some kind of computer if single purpose and an idiot.   However if you read that link of mine there are fails even plumbers and electricians fail to do with this stuff.

Then somebody had the idea of connecting stuff like lights and heating to the internet who google naturally bought [nest] and then the progress story fails.  Nest had a failing out with apple as a hint of problems and secondly some lightbulb manufacturers decided to drop some transmission standard protocols and make them vendor only so go and fuck off if you wanted to turn off and on both philips and somebody else’s bulbs with technology.

nick telsa

nick telsa

Then nest recently decided to brick older nest controllers because they can.  I dont particularly see a lot of point to modernisation if the controller makers and things that respond to it (or the internet of things [iot]) are going down the drm path and when Phillips and Google tell you to fuck off and either do it there way or not at all perhaps that 1930’s wiring still installed today was really wise after all.

Yes better give those thick Liverpudlian's there money back

1930’s fashion

The monkey house remains progress free from drm and suggest that you too remain in the past until google and philips stop pissing about with progress and lets face it retro is quite a nice look.

Control is nice, but better insulation is a safer bet

To finish there is a joke which goes how many people does it take to change a lightbulb if google and philips and all the other makers of this stuff had there way your probably looking at a very large number of people on a regular basis.

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