fifteen rounds with horrid tomtom software

retardTom Tom (my blog) make gps things with crap update software for microsoft and apple.

So could i virtual host it in linux keeping the crap updates working.  One day i dug out a very modern copy of windows xp, fired up a vm and had a go so you don’t have to.

The virtual machine was a hefty 80gb [because asus made an 80gb image not my fault] and it eventually ran and by golly this Microsoft os looks horrid now


Firefox was the first thing to be downloaded then Tom Tom home, as the vm had usb support the vm refused to pick up the device that registered in linux as being a filesystem.

I tried usb filters from the gps but alas i had no luck although the really horrid tom tom software ran. It did not work. Another success for tom tom and there great developers.

I would not buy a tom tom gps box.

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