Emotive ‘media’ language that misses the point.

headacheBananas was briefly watching some documentary with selective facts.  Imagine that you gave somebody a banana a day for eleven months, and you got nothing in return – no grooming, collectively throwing poo at zoo guests.

You try and contact these banana eaters for months and months only when you take action via a third party  Then come the emotive ‘why’ questions.

_59941043_schoolscompositeIt is disingenuous to say that this came out of the blue and that this was decided immediately on day two.  It is also fascinating that only they are the only bad people not the poor building standards (my blog) that both labour and conservative parties did nothing about which only they as public bodies tolerated.  Try and get those same standards for buildings owned by capitalists and you would have planning approval denied.

lordreidIts a funny world that means party politics is above blame, but not those who have a legal responsibility to sell items to such bad properties but to get payment is deemed ‘evil’.

I am confused as to who the villains really are.  But then spotting the real bad guys is not a talent i have. Sorry care to throw some poo with me?

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