Fiscal ‘responsibility’ and Scotland

CEILIDHBananas reads (my blog) and so a library is used, I decide to buy a book (my blog) since in an large area of a over million people plus there no copies to hand so a justified purchased in one reason.

Whist shopping I notice a second hand site which i doubt i could not use without registering again or use the thing i used for above but Ipursue some titles i would like to read but cannot via a library for not being available.

I discover that many books i cannot find in england are actually in Scottish libraries and are also for sale legitimately or otherwise. they where published in 2015 and sold on in 2016.  How the other half live.

Commonwealth Games - Team Scotland Kitting Out - University of StirlingIts strange that we ‘southerners’ suffer but Scotland does not. Hmmm i wonder if I can get the male members of the tribe into kilts och!  They know about kinky David Furnish too with his olive oil and paddling pool (my blog)

I dont fancy the learning to play the bagpipes but a library with books in – Golly!