saying tata to Tata steel (and hello to the carbon car)

industriaLThe msm news (my blog) has when i write this been focusing heavily on steel production so either the chinese are making too much of it, manufacturing makes it last longer with paints rather than let it decompose after three years in a ford motor car, and a lot is now recycled.

Which means if your making new steel you have a problem.  Steel is an old solution and composites are the things now since steel is heavy, and not having the tolerances required for jet engines. In defence armour piercing means steel is not going to end up simply needing a paint job.


kirk unit

I was enjoying some star trek one evening when even bmw announced that one of products was now stronger and lighter than once it would have been with traditional material of which you can guess even though ‘carbon’ describes everything in the universe this is lighter than steel.

Now steel is a useful product but to call it innovative or a pancea to all problems has past. It seems that these indian owners have raided the pension scheme in the good times which is not simply just a thing they do but Philip Green who ran a retail ’empire’ also did and left that business too  in a state of being uneconomic which i read a book about many years ago by not contributing to that boosts profits for a while anyhow.

It makes shareholding interesting if the short term results means there is no long term business then it does make employing mba grads (my blog) a difficult proposition.

I leave you make up your own conclusions although i am sure Tony Blair is due some blame.