anti-Zionist, anti-semitic or labours proxy postal ‘voter’

Politics is corrupt just look at Jack Straw (my blog) who treated voters with curry or curries (plural so more than one) which those Northern police forces also ignored (my blog) and with the Labour party loving its proxy (postal vote) persons who may or may be collectively bargaining* whose electors who come from the same background who also may or may not know they voted in such manner – so much for a individual rights – or one man one vote as the saying goes.

lordreidPeter Skinner (bbc) also has a whiff of corruptness.

Apparently the ‘reds’ like Peter Skinner are anti semitic if you read things but is being anti jew different from being a zionist which if isreal exists then so should iran and pakistan, another example can also be given. The merits of the state of isreal are dubious, Pakistan could also be viewed similarly as problem.  If one can not be criticised should those others also be ?

I do hope those proxy forms where sent in by the few for the majority before this row – you know this is ‘democracy’ at work apparently.

Feel free to tie yourself in knots.

*nothing wrong with unions okay

by golly but...

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