A few days with microsoft windows, and a microsoft genune windows alert.

The monkey house is short on computers at the moment, so i am using a borrowed microsoft vista pc, it is horrid compared to linux.

retardWindows alerted me me that the wga status (my blog) is illegal, since nobody wanted to help me either at microsoft or hp despite the serial on the label once worked.  I decided that if they cant be bothered why should i be.

User wise – Google keeps prompting me about privacy in firefox because it thinks i am new at this www thing, and its being annoyingly helpfull, putty is used for ssh but i windows is a retarded platform with no native zip support so i dont think i am a future microsoft windows user.

Oh well at least i experienced the horror you lot endure. Why do you endure this microsoft shit rather than linux? and yes i can get play games on linux (my blog).

by golly but...

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