sd card nightmares

sdhcBananas was doing something with an sd card when the read write tab fell off somehow and the card went read only. I eventually found this tiny bit of plastic only to find that a zoo employee wiped clear the surface i left it on. I spoke rude words

It is an older sd card and been to some hot places and so i tried to fix it. The ‘scotch’ tape over the place (you tube) worked once before getting removed, a second attempt a day later left me with the same results.

Fortunately it was a low gb unit and still readable so easy to replace with a like for like since if that can happen on a small ‘disk’ then it can happen on a large one too.  I rather not damage a device with tape inside it, being more expensive than the media so i ordered one in the hope that i never have go through this again .


Transferring was fast on receipt but i did have an additional card reader at hand.

chainsawAlso noteworthy was the packaging which was paper based rather than plastic (my blog). this is not a moan but an observation and it was nice to be able to open the item without having to use a pair of scissors for a tamper proof case more designed for retailers,  card can be recycled.

Backup pictures, less waste, a non damaged working camera so lets call this a win even if i wish i had not had to do this to begin with.

A learnable event though.