The walking runner


Vandal or a runner ?

Bananas was going about her daily routine which that day involved a post box for sending a letter. So I walked out of the zoo and encountered a runner with all the clothing on that says i’m running duh and also equipped a computer because athletics types are shit at maths and brainy stuff (my blog).

I after being ‘overtaken’ I and the runner then had to go up a hill and that’s when the running stopped for the runner and the walking began for the runner.. I laughed.

In the end i visit the red box and walk the longer way back to the zoo and i pass the runner again on another hill but they again are walking. I never changed pace.

Perhaps the runner was wearing the wrong tights they where flat land tights rather than uphill tights.  Somebody has to sell those right ? – some american firm tried to sell fitness shoes until the advertising standards lot called them out for the ‘fact’

Monkey hair is perfect for both gradients and flat land and being an ape it comes included. monkey hair is trendy too.

The things people do.