Stuff seen

Been a while – none of these are in a cinema.

101101 Revkiavík

imdb: tt0237993 was made in 2000, and moves at a pace which is thought provoking 5/5 bananas.


waterdivinerThe Water Diviner

imdb: tt3007512 was one of those films with a 8am showing on a monday morning that i saw on dvd after professor saw it on a plane probably also at a awful time too somewhere.  It has no superheroes in it.

5/5 bananas

drumsMockingjay part 2

imdb: tt1951266  is the hunger games thing and i cannot remember if i blogged the first which saw on television however i saw a part 1 in a cinema. I did write something about the books but i cannot seem to find it.

Being a part 2 film of four its a thing you like or dislike but i enjoyed it i will not give it bananas in this context..

lobsterThe lobster

imdb: tt3464902 was seen on dvd since a cinema was only showing it at 1400 on a tuesday so really really convenient.  However being a non sequel/remake without superheroes probably meant it deserved that time slot in a cinema.

A very dark comedy and worth a see 5/5 bananas

by golly but...

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