Bizarre questions on a second hand item

photoThe zoo has some ancient photographic equipment which has little value to anybody since you know digital cameras came along.

So it is listed as for sale, (my blog) bizarre question one from somebody was what size is it when it was stated The second question was what kind of glass does it have.

I tried very hard to be sincere but the best i could do for the second question was ask if they wanted me to smash the material to bits so i could tell them.

malletThe item is not a must have hidden gem pg photographic history you all really need should you be an photographic historian , but designed for a specific task so the question what kind of glass does it have is one for association of ancillary photographic manufacturers which no doubt meets every tuesday on a leap year to discuss the standards and best practice of such things which i made up just now.

Or i might locate a hammer and become the founder member, care to join me in the aapm too ?