when the fat lady sang at the cinema

operaOpera is not a thing for us apes, most operas after all have secret policemen in for reasons i am not totally sure of but then i am plain ignorant about opera,

No i dont like it, mind most opera fans only sit through the bits they like and not the whole thing when i went the once so much for opera ‘lovers’.

That’s my complete knowledge of opera, so do not expect me to review them anytime soon or blog more on this area. But when i write this it is oscar season (which is January) when not a super hero film can be found in a cinema – well i suppose they have to have a holiday at some point since those things do not win gongs even if an oscar is an industry created award.

Back to the tale…

Professors new cinema (my blog) opted for the fat lady over the oscar films on a saturday evening which for under a month can actually be found in cinemas rather than ending up in dvd or a streaming site when those hollywood types then wonder about the world they created.

The film got scheduled for a monday evening and i dont think i yet blogged about it. I may not like opera or the majority of released films but the fat lady won i think you can agree and clearly there is profit to be had over film although those opera snobs probably see it as a bit chav being shown in a cinema.

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