Fantasy failings

midgetBananas does not think a lot of the fantasy genre (my blog) but if you like homosexual hobbits then jolly good for you after all they never mention sex.

One evening when i had just come back from the pub i popped in to see the crack team of zoo security (my blog) and they had on something from the fantasy genre made for tv after all it ‘sells’ if your a clueless and witless non risk taking television person and you dont have a fantasy offering and your pointy haired boss wants to know why you dont when the others have one i guess you end up with that kind of thing minus the naughty bits.

It was not game of thrones of which is made for tv rather than a book for reasons stated here. (my blog). Anyhow it (not thrones) looked cheap and the adverts had adverts for got merchandise – oh the irony.

I smiled. – perhaps it does needs homosexual hobbits or chocolate frogs.  I am sure they all live happily ever after after all its called pantomime (my blog)

by golly but...

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