Strange comments in wordpress land

stockingsBananas does wonder about some comments received here, there was the blogger who was impressed by my phrasing although non wordy themselves was selling used panties or may have been a a mail order russian bride but i suppose even the zoo would get some visitors for that species.

The second are the children who start well but then mention there age and the fact there home-schooled either because there crazy christians since Obama is a black person and government school must be bad – there reasoning not mine before your complain.

I had a look at one of these home school sites as sponsored by that crazy Republican even fox news (my blog) considers to be the Voldemort** that is if home schooled kids are allowed to read such books. Where youtube was the content and wordpress was the html for some reason. Html is not hard to do.


us democrat according to home schooled republican ideology

I learnt from that college was evil and turned victims into communists (honestly comrade thats what ron paul thinks) and so night school is the only ‘safe’ way to be an american that was when the youtube video recorded the sound quite a few of these videos had no audible sound.

I suppose it keeps the republican voter base intellectually retarded.

I also wondered how or if evolution (my blog) was taught be by these people and assumed it was not after all a tank of satan *(my blog) will always get you to church on sunday.

Anyhow i am perfectly fine with attracting an audience of hookers and schoolkids and there deranged parents who think in a unique way.  Do they read this stuff or think hey that ape needs a sex companion and my views on economics means i am going to comment on blogs talking about republican propaganda.


*i joke **known to have taken the mcain child

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