Squint and scratch giftcard fun

fryAfter this (my blog) i used this perplexing voucher (my blog) after all the library system for well over several million people did not have it.

I have to create an account online and being unwiling to get free postage (i’d have to buy three books) i opt for one and pay the postage since none of the motar shops are anywhere near the zoo.

Post is easier.

So i find this lost masterpiece from 2014 and checkout with the will it or wont it allow me to use this gift card thing.  I win that round of russian roulete but then squint at the long number in small letters, and after getting an zoo guest enraged enough to throw a penny at us apes with which i scratch off the three digit code.

Sisyphus is still a role model

Sisyphus is still a role model

Then i am asked for how much to deduct – the lot since this is inconvenient (fancy doing this again?) and then i get to pay real money for the remainder.

It all goes through but no wonder these store gift cards suck and remain unused in huge amounts of cash and cards ala airmiles (my blog) by you lot.

I am sure i could have got it cheaper elsewhere.  Anyhow let me not dwell on that.

by golly but...

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