Decommisioning a linux desktop

I removed an very elderly desktop pc* from the zoo’s network it kept forgetting its disk settings in the bios and you would not wish to ask it the time.

I removed x, scp, users and users data, most of the software, and the log directory – I could have wiped the disk but i left very little clues as to what was on this antique.  It boots.

That probably makes it a tricky disk to recover and its not microsoft formatted.  So that probably makes it really hard.



The good news is while linux might not be as ‘popular’ and has lost one, it also is now on an crap hp computer (my blog) which means microsoft lost as computer as an os number.

So we retain linux, and microsoft lost more.  Happy me.

*an early 1990’s pentium processor – remember it is 2016

by golly but...

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