EU referendums [sigh]


hokey cokey

The eu is a thing not without it’s issues say Greece (my blog), and its use as a dump for failed politicians say the Kinnocks* certainly makes it toxic but a usefull place to dump political failures.

But there are levels in europe and despite the odd scrounger an in out thing hardly makes much sense here is why.

open borders ? – not applicable, nato membership not up for debate, enforced euro (€) conversion not applicable, you get the idea.

Britain might be honest than say the irish, (my blog)  who pay like ‘catholics to rome’ to the eu like the greeks and the irish with there odd views on tax and the shit they get away with but since most of you never had any input into the eu or be ignored by the red or blue national politicians who you voted for (a select few of you)  i see little point in this debate now.  National parties want power, so voting for a national party in europe is pointless.

Earlier on in the year a politician urged all to vote, and then discovered that the most of the uk will be decamping to a pop concert on the day of the vote.

You will find us in the zoo not at Glastonbury (my blog) because the media are downright pissed off because they can’t make the decision for us.  Vile scum these commentators, however the monkey house has lost its poll cards.

There will be a cost in reputation for the media, and the dead member of parliament was perhaps not the audience participation they wanted but they got fear and death returned to them.  I thought politics was peaceful.

Darl McBride, puppet of microsoft and crook

Darl McBride, puppet of microsoft and crook

Whatever happens i am sure neither ‘side’ will get what they promised and it did not really mean what you thought they said.

*think Wales, and nepotism.

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