Adobe flash gets bizarre

retardI cannot play drm’ed flash videos in linux due to no libhal support which has been superseeded, and html5 sort of does a good job if you ignore the drm issues. I downloaded a chrome os image and see if it can play drm flash and no it can’t too since it uses the same thing.

If copyright holders only like mac and windows then i can easily quit watching drm videos which seem to be barely supported even by microsoft and as apple who also hate flash so i am not shelling out £80 for a licence that will be wga invalid (my blog) , so i suppose android users cant use flash with drm.

It will be interesting to see when wipo and the copyright mafia start breaking ‘smart’ tv’s (my blog), after all its going to happen and i doubt the makers of said items will support you and wipo will laugh at you.

If i was a television person* i would be worrying about the loss of page views from other clients like us after all the world is more than apple and microsoft even if you have never heard of mobile phones but i am glad its not my problem. Flash is like that embarrassing uncle you have who is a tolerated acquaintance.

Its a horrid mess for somebody else to figure out, no netflix subscription either.

It does not really matter to me and i am fine with our operating systems choices.

Phew and a hello to uncle Erasmus is in order. *no.

by golly but...

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