systemd breaks a laptops suspend as a ‘new’ feature.

Potterang to rename the command cat to dog

Lennart Poettering to rename the command cat to dog

I run debian testing so i see all the fuck ups by Lennart Poettering* who probably one day will change the cat command to dog**, that’s Lennart Poettering for you.

I notice with testing systemd has wiped off suspend and resume hardware features so when i go to a screensaver all my consoles and firefox windows close.

reminds me of

reminds me of

So i have to fire up new terminals and do all this shit again – see what i mean.  Perhaps i was using the wrong browser since Lennart Poettering did not write it and the same can be said for the terminal.

Anyhow Lennart Poettering knows best.

I know its testing not stable but i look forward to running Lennart Poettering’s web browser when he writes one which i guess is one of the joys of such brilliant software.

*pulseaudio is another thing from him ** bark is also choice.

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