Legacy products

Bananas was on the phone (a rare event) to our supplier of phones and broadband (also a rare call) and once again while arranging some complex items i discovered that our package for both items was now not sold thus legacy.

changeAnyhow speaking with the english staff in the uk it appears that once again broadband is moving target however from June is now ‘unliimited’ again rather than capped (my blog).  – unlimited before that meant really slow or 512k max

I was a bit bewildered that what we had is now not sold per say but if they dont tell me then i will remain ignorant while they take our money.

people you dont want to phone

people you dont want to phone

Anyhow despite that it was a pleasant call and glad i was dealing with locals rather than india who suffer a  bit in rate my services which can be seen to your right

I like not having to deal with idiots.

by golly but...

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