hosted web hosting – um meh

mehThis was a test so just in case the stuff the zoo has becomes obsolete which is something that may be for a future date .

So i  bought (well rented) a discounted domain name and had a look at hosted offerings as well which was free for a short time – a webredir screwed me from displaying any html i had laying about until I de dns’ed it

Email i can only do spf (i had to add – my blog) , no dkim (my blog), so dmarc (my blog) looks unlikely with the email offering so limited.

secretI also had unrelated client issues since there is no sshfs in 32bit debian, where you mount a directory locally however undefeated so I ended up with a  firefox extension but the hoster did not support tls handshakes.  Oh well scp is sort of ‘secure’ I guess in name only.

Php was a let down with no geoip db’s no humour program to probe and my html forms did not work on my experimental hosted site. I will have to work harder on those for another day.

ssh access is a comedy, and the wiki is surprisingly sparse

securimageDay two begins and it is back to the php forms, the captcha works (my blog) and if i fail today i am going to need help.

I ask about form email because i was lazy and a file download and upload later with some experimenting get me working forms that deliver email  – maybe the wiki is not so bad and i must not be the only person to ask that.Having a mail server like the zoo has would have meant those forms working straight away

irishdrunkI do like the new domain name, which is a lot better than the hosting demo which looks poorly utilised (i want email servers and imap servers and …) say ‘wasted’ it could do so much more. Day three i delete the hosted instance (free) but for spending €2 i get a domain  and an ssl cert for a year as a bonus.  Two lines in the dns get me redirected to our proper website here in the zoo.

Dnssec was not possible – i’d need my own dns server to get that.

Hopefully i will not have to use this hosting but most of what i had works on the hosted platform and that was the point of this whole exercise. This is not a rant that unless its a full access to server then its useless but the extra hoops it entails.  But i know that simple wont cut it.

I will make a backup and hope i need never to dig out my workings.

A success i guess or a failure from the other point of view.  But i would need a ‘real’ server rather than something that just has a database on and can serve html files without ssl (ssl costs extra).

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