Harry Mounts Odyssey,Harry Mount

onlygayinthevillageisbn: 9791472935960 is from public schoolboys land and is perhaps not an advertisement for the public school system as the 40+ bachelor named Harry visits gay hotspots in the Mediterranean while working on a cruise ship who once wrote ancient greek and once wrote leaders for a newspaper in that because five people in england actually read and write dead languages who probably he knows them all as well..

Herodotus man with beach towel

Herodotus man with beach towel

public schoolboys only

public schoolboys only

Its very much an old boy network book (imagine sentences like ‘i went to school with david cameron’ sort of stuff, as did his publisher) and is not very good.

Ancient Greece has been removed and replaced with stuff for the living,which is not good if your trying to see old stuff.

I bet the sex was good.

0/5 bananas

by golly but...

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