Portal2: mel stories


You know her right

Is an add on by fans on steam, which makes drm platfoms like sony and microsoft a waste of time.

So i tried it not knowing of it when i purchased portal2 (my blog) cool!

Portal 2 is work of art and mel stories is portal with one of those astronauts / olympian./ war hero’es from the 1950 who is in a similar predicament to you know who.

Downsides –  it is a heavy download so when i had enough spare at the end of the month with our isp quota left.  Its no small test chamber download.  However you do get to see Apeture with the odd human employee before things happen.

posterFirst part has some wondering about and some great art work – i’d hang this on a wall.  In fact the artwork i think is better than portal 2 although that’s my opinion.

Then it gets hard, portal gets a human repulsion field is new to mel stories as well as the usual elements if your not a big level explorer.  There have been changes since the walk-through buttons have been switched to other locations if you get stuck.

Chapter 2 had a bug which required me cheat since ii could not portal there so sv_cheats and noclip got me past the problem when i have to use cheats then that reflects on the fan production which i never did in portal2.

Chapter 3 is too clever for its own good and has another impossible puzzle when half of a chamber is missing although its in the walk through, and mel stories uses a portal model rather than portal2 for achievements you have to complete first and then redo.

Chapter 4, is mostly cube(s) transporting and a bit repetitious, then after some walking in pitch black its time for the last chapter and our friend on the inside seems stable enough to see beyond testing as a means to the meaning of life.

Mel stories is not without its faults and some  visual clues seem problematic but it also shows up the limitations of portal and a third instalment either becomes repetitious or over complex.

I can think and see why chapters 3 and 4 are in there but seem to have little purpose to the game other than a means to get nearer the final section.

I did not complete mel stories, but might return to it

2/5 bananas



by golly but...

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