double standards in news media

MR POO we presume

MR POO we presume

One of the problems with computer gaming is that it thought ‘unhealthy’ by non gamers for reasons of the thing, stranger danger, not watching television (hypnotized) which if your a broadcast professional probably a truth your never admit to that choice is bad.

Sure there are vile people who game like mr poo (my blog)  but you know that’s a minority used by these same media professionals to state that everybody is vile scumbag.

So the producers of pokemon make a game where you have to walk outside in the summer* and do things and then the media go ‘fox news‘ weird (my blog) complaining about that all the negative shit outside is this games fault.

I find it ironic that being ‘inside’ is better than outside when these same people complain about fat kids being lazy (my blog).  So being logical seems to have created a media double standard who cannot handle internet issues.

the usual suspect

the usual suspect

Then again they should be watching tv instead which is what you tv news and broadcast professionals want. Go on admit it that would be fine.

I walked out of the zoo to buy a paper newspaper and made it back in the same condition i am quite sure a reporter in tv news would condemn** me for that too.

I mean reading instead of it being spoken because people are thick something wrong there.

*warm rain *eg not listening to there lies and leaving banana skins for people to slip on.

by golly but...

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