Hobson’s choice

Fiona Locke's biggest fan Theresa May

Fiona Locke’s biggest fan Theresa May

Brutus (* my blog and an ape here in the zoo) in Julius Caesar may have put the knife in leadership of the majority parties who do not actually represent the majority view (my blog) despite the msm liking a 2.5 party system and wish to not allow further devolution for it being a cosy number and the damage it did to the status quo rich journalists don’t want to deal with other in there field.

With both knife welding assassins out of the picture (no not brutus) there was two anti europe ladies battling it out for the job.   May is a anti civil rights the other Ledsome is unknown to most of us and probably toxic but happens to be a ‘mother’ so that’s ok if slightly sexist** however you know what she thinks about Tony Blair.



It seems that while they might be both in line with barely 51%  of majority thinking who most where the other lots supporters and the 48% will find them repulsive and divisive.

With just May left lets say i will still be voting green.  Somehow when politicians get what they want the long term outcome might not be as good for them Scotland is an example for the reds.

*gove and johnson in this case  **no men thanks



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