Modern spamming – or yes we checked it was ‘valid’, but not if you signed up

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

Spam is interesting if like the monkey house you dont get it now, since your mail server (my blog)  does the grunt work.  I miss the war on spam of whom is still ‘on’ but unseen by humans unless you have a very shit microsoft admin and enjoy a full mailbox of wholesome stuff through there incompetence.

Oddly i was a bit player in getting an american spammer some unwelcome attention some centuries ago before the stuff we use now was new.

But I do get to see the logs like this comedic gem:

policyd-spf[*]: None; identity=helo; 
receiver=bla.bla@{something is not our domain}.commy

From a host say[] or others.   Those host names are real.

None of the monkey house is on facebook but a email list user called bla.bla ?is being checked by these people alas i do not know of ape called bla bla it sort of sounds like a female human on the phone (my blog) if i was going to imagine such a person and who knows there might be a fake user on facebook that gets away with that id.

minionIf this is how modern spamming works to check a scalped or invented address but to not send email until once on a list then to be sold then perhaps we all should block for that stuff.

So far i have

ip route add prohibit
ip route add prohibit
ip route add prohibit
ip route add prohibit
ip route add prohibit

Which is a good basis to start with subnets until whack a mole starts. Enjoy, and if the isps who host ghostforfacebook ovh (my blog) good luck with your next customer who gets it!

sheepBla Bla ? it seems like ghostforfacebook think sheep have email (not here) ? or this iot* of things is getting surreal.  I guess humpty.dumpty (who fell off a wall and needs a crane wikipedia link) might be next, after all how did people know about the problem.

Bla Bla [0-300] seems a better guess if a herd of sheep are invoked but i would wish to call out spammy techniques as really really crap.  Consider yourself warned if you deal with them.

I wonder what products sheep buy from email.  Comment if you know !

Anyhow that’s not my problem. *internet of things

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