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public schoolboys only

public schoolboys only

isbn: 9781846145803 is a book read by slow people if you use a library, Hennessy (my blog)  is the trusted public schoolboy and Jinks would appear to be an student of his – very old boy network in navy and civil servant circles.

There is a lot that still cannot be disclosed to our trusted public schoolboys and fortunately neither tackle world war two and start from 1945 rather than fill pages about that although 38% never came back, it is better the the German 75% rate*, but worse than being on a traditional naval ship which was 20%.

Post war naval recruits where press ganged into submarines and the development of nuclear power is interesting in that quality of life was influenced by the us opposed to a spartan existence.

One can make some interesting conclusions here about political thinking which is that the same roles are still the same 70 years later.  Hardly aspirational political thinking there.

Submarines are extremely expensive and something that is also interesting that while shooting down missiles is frowned upon the Russians had that capability to shoot down the old platform polaris.

The technology is interesting although generally the uselessness of some products required like special steel for a project that five things will need in a hundred years is where the authors get too close to what is being said.  Other examples can be found along with a perception that industry and civilians are really useless who regardless fund there fun and games.

The_Sun_(Gotcha)The Falklands section is interesting being a little more balanced that just one side saying stuff.   Although outside of the usual zones unexpected issues of communication come up.  As an international deterrent the locations to service them retain a cold war aspect.

There has been some learning from events and the justification for the continued existence a little tenuous with limited international bases and some traditional weapons added to sweeten the huge cost of a few assets.

The big red button question gets a going over although until there used how truthful either side are remains a point best answered from the future.

Scotland’s (my blog) role in this is opened up for debate although a question of if geopolitics makes it moot, or the specialised jobs needed will probably determine that while the scots may not like nuclear it could be said that the whole system of making and maintaining missile launching boats is a government handout that misfired after most of scotland voted snp but i wonder if international ‘friends’ will impress on them to require such a facility.



4/5 “shiver me timbers” bananas

*see das boot (my blog) although quantities where involved

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