The pretty people only on youtube problem

somebody also called kate

I CAN READ ! I have big boobies too

I occasionally watch stuff on there and i dont care for the invasion of pretty people there on youtube who simply read an autocue if you want that thing then television has plenty of pretty people reading stories aloud..

I generally watch odd stuff on youtube instead by people know there stuff say electrical teardowns and essential stuff like Thunderf00t whom are knowledgable rather than pretty who have just mastered how read where’s spot and put on make up or not as a ugly person behind the scenes may have done that for them.

spotYoutube has its problems be they mental health patients commenting as part of there day care treatment, copyright maximalists who think youtube is tv (it is not) while featuring the better channels in there content while bitterly complaining about rot on youtube (go figure) and the decline of broadcasting along with the lazy unpaid interns tv uses who found this it for the and the dmca variety which is why youtube is a fickle platform, finally Vic Gundra (my blog) who although he has left means i still dont have a youtube account and i dont desire to get one.

idiocracy fox news in the year 2505

idiocracy fox news in the year 2505

Anyhow its nothing about boob envy, but if want to be mesmerized by boobs and reading to me then the television set in the zoo security office works just fine.

Question when did you last see an ugly tv presenter ?

by golly but...

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