A tale of adblocks

checkNot all advertising is evil but with malware and a ‘i dont give shit’ attitude by the iab to sites serving stuff means your safer with one.

Money wins over ethics although paying for spin doctors for politics (my blog) does muddy the water. As i am that zoo person who has to clean up the mess for ‘free’ my logic stands and that is before we talk about bandwidth (my blog) and even your isp probably hates them more for using your quota.

Anyhow adblock v adblock origin is interesting – adblock gets some warnings, origin gets the fear and doubt messages

Randal lRothenburg bat shit insane

Randal lRothenburg bat shit insane

It is interesting to see how one is apparently ‘eviler’ than the other – i am sticking with it after all its a recommendation.

If a site does decide to go militant it can be replaced and usually nothing is lost i can’t remember the last time i visited a rupert murdoch site mind you i have a thing to warn me if i did.

Yeah its the tempest

Yeah its the tempest

Good journalism is worth paying for but the streamlined media operation does leave a lot to be desired an old example Robert Soloway who i watched before the msm got involved was covered by two local journalists, the rest of the online stuff was ‘opinion’ and monkeys with typewriters stating what the original two wrote.

That did not really do much to add to the ‘value’.

Anyhow what do i know.


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