Nemesis,Misha Glenny

isbn: 97808479900883 sounded interesting who is an author i had read before and not thought much of (my blog)

fiction the nike air stab are taken off the market for promoting knife crime in the uk.

nike air stab

Brazil and Rio (the one your reading about so much)  is our destination and in light of corrupt sport going on there currently it does say a lot about the place and left/right politics – although sexed up by the publisher. ie the ‘Heisenberg of brazil’ (my blog).

It is a little wolly in facts and in a power vacuum criminals took over council  management.  Essentially the question is did the running of the favella negate the drugs that both police, state and everyone ignored because it suited them.

If anything this proves there a market for drugs, and that to retain the ban on drugs is problematic.  Right wingers wont like that, the left wing who need money might see things differently.

Neither side of politics, policemen come out of this story well. 1/5 bananas

by golly but...

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