The chav and sport in observation.

thissortofthingBananas was with the crack team of security guards early one Saturday evening when one of those sporty chav tv programs was on chav tv (my blog). Please note i just wondered in from the monkey house.

Anyhow i am sure you humans know that there is an element of sarcasm, the contestants who where probably less than wise to sign up and for series two for reasons best known to themselves and olympic type things that your average chav could not achieve because the height was  now over two metres and there being no tree to swing off.

LiliyaShobukhovadruggieI saw five minutes of this ‘fun’ and this eventually became a blog post before i wondered off to the pub with the rest of the monkey house.  With drugs (my blog) now a common component of professional sport (my blog) for those over twelve years old it seemed to me that if even chavs could not leap two metres then that proves that sport is not now something your average human could actually do without fresh blood or some drug that helps doing something.

If you had an empty mind it looked entertaining with idiots cheering other idiots – ambiance of a kind until the last thing should they have got that far.  These people were not fat but fit thus this post

So while your watching ‘non druggy’ athletes this summer on tv just remember this.

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