Sport ambassadors of note

Spot the rioter named Chelsea Ives

So who is your sport hero, pick from Andreas Krieger, Spanish team of Basketball paraolympics, Tonya Harding, Stanisława Walasiewicz, Irina Press, Ben Johnson, Kornelia Ender, Ewa Klobukowska, Dong Fangxiao. and Leonidas Sampanis.

Juan Antonio Samaranch, for the ideal  Waterford CrystalBoris Onishchenko  as inventive cheaters and spies. I do hope your new national sporting hero does not have a… [always good for new heroes here.  The cost ? Two weeks of sport cost €27bn, plus crime Utah and Bribery.

Not forgetiing the bonus thugs. The Barnard’s seem most inventive as thugs.

There ate others like Caster Semenya who i could have covered for not being the nazi sporty ideal

With so many upstanding members of the olympics i think this comes pretty close to the definitive list of why sport is bad.  See what it did to Miss Ives.  I rest my case an consider sport like this not the thing most of you think it is .

by golly but...

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